Instafrenchie VS OVB

Instagram automation agency, how to choose?

The automation market in France is not very competitive, because it requires a technical base and a long-standing expertise to be operated correctly.

 There are very few agencies that can accompany you on a good management of your Instagram account.  Newcomer on the market agency OVB now offers automation to its customers.

What result to expect? What differences? What security? 

There may be differences and disparity on the quality of services offered. 

In order to accompany you in the search for your trusted partner, we propose a methodical analysis of the different points that differentiate us from the competition.

Automation market : Agence OVB vs Instafrenchie

Etude réalisée début 2022 Tableau Comparatif OVB VS INSTAFRENCHIE
240 € to 576€ ❌
100 € to 150 € ✅
Instafrenchie plus plus
Instafrenchie plus plus plus
Follower quality
Instafrenchie plus plus plus
Instafrenchie plus plus plus
Client follow-up
Manual ❌
Live Dashboard ✅
Instafrenchie plus
Instafrenchie plus plus plus
3 to 12 months contract ❌
100% commitment-free formula ✅
3 years
5 years

Rates and packages

Agence OVB offers a sliding scale pricing system, based on a time commitment from the client.

For a commitment ranging from 3 to 12 months, there are price ranges from 180 € HT/month to 420 € HT/month. All their prices are expressed before tax. With a similar commitment, i.e. one month, prices are on average 2.5 times higher at Agence OVB, which offers a positioning well above the market.

The fact of proposing formulas makes it possible to ensure a fidelity on behalf of the customer who will be thus related to the agency by a contract of intention and duration.

At Instafrenchie, we have at heart to propose the right price to automate your account.

Better than trying to engage customers on formulas, our price part is to let you control and let you choose at any time to terminate your commitment with us.

There are three packages at OVB with different speeds and guarantees. With us, no promo code or discount, but a fair positioning, because certain of the gain for the customer.

Avec Instafrenchie

Avec OVB


Les clients d’Instafrenchie sont satisfaits de leur expérience. Ils bénéficient d’un retour sur investissement rapide, d’un meilleur engagement avec leur public et d’un excellent service client.

Comme Instagram a commencé à durcir sa position contre l’automatisation, il y a un risque élevé de subir des mesures de sécurité. Chez Instafrenchie, nous avons une alternative plus sûre et plus avantageuse. Avec Instafrenchie, votre compte Instagram est développé de manière 100% organique, vous permettant d’obtenir une exposition accrue, plus de likes et de followers, sans courir le risque d’être banni.

Nous travaillons avec 2 des 3 plus grosses agences de community management françaises pour lesquelles nous automatisons plus de 1200 comptes.

C’est pourquoi nous nous devons de proposer l’automatisation la plus sécurisée du marché.


Instafrenchie’s clients are satisfied with their experience. They enjoy a quick return on investment, better engagement with their audience, and excellent customer service.

As Instagram has begun to harden its stance against automation, there is a high risk of security measures being taken. At Instafrenchie, we have a safer and better alternative. With Instafrenchie, your Instagram account is grown 100% organically, allowing you to get more exposure, more likes and followers, without running the risk of being banned.

We work with 2 of the 3 biggest French community management agencies for which we automate more than 1200 accounts.

That’s why we have to offer the most secure automation on the market.


What our customers say

With Instafrenchie

With OVB

Performance & Client follow-up

Performance is a key step in choosing your business partner. When you automate, the performance is the result of several parameters, namely: your follow/unfollow speed, the number of initial followers, your ability to create content on a regular basis, to use the right post formats, or the quality of the chosen targets.

At Instafrenchie, we know all this, that’s why we accompany you on each step, through post-automation advices, the definition of objectives, or the accompaniment on the choice of sources (target account).

We manage all of our accounts on a daily basis, changing the sources, applying follow multipliers according to the quality of the target source.

Recently, and for the needs of our agencies, we created the first platform for real-time monitoring of our automation. It’s very simple, this platform connected in API to our servers allows you to see all the actions performed behind the accounts in real time. We did this in order to be transparent to our customers.

We are not selling you the moon, but we are sure of what we are offering. The results will arrive on your account, sooner or later, because everything is closely monitored by our teams who will always be there for you.

With Instafrenchie

With OVB

Why users prefer Instafrenchie: 

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