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Instafrenchie VS Jarvee

Jarvee is considered one of the most popular Instagram automation tools. In reality, it is an automated social media management software, widely used as a bot for Instagram. It offers you the ability to manage multiple social media accounts in an automated way, allowing you to perform actions such as following, liking, commenting and more. However, following a significant number of user bans, people started to opt for Instafrenchie.

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Jarvee, the isnatgram BOT

Jarvee, the risks :

Jarvee is a popular tool for social media automation that has helped many online marketing professionals grow their business. However, it also has significant drawbacks that have led to many Instagram accounts being temporarily blocked or permanently disabled.

As Instagram has started to harden its stance against bots such as Jarvee, there is a high risk of getting banned. That’s why Instafrenchie is a safer and more beneficial alternative. With Instafrenchie, your Instagram account is grown 100% organically, allowing you to get more exposure, more likes and followers, without running the risk of being banned.

Avec Jarvee :

Avec Instafrenchie:

Why choose Instafrenchie over Jarvee

Instafrenchie’s clients are extremely satisfied with their experience with the service. They enjoy a quick return on investment, better engagement with their audience and excellent customer service. To learn more about why people choose Instafrenchie, please see the information below.

Why users prefer Instafrenchie :

Fast processing. Contact us for more information.

Jarvee is outdated

Jarvee était l’option N°1 pour de nombreux influenceurs et agences. Avec la nouvelle politique de Meta sur l’utilisation des données, cette époque est révolue.

Instafrenchie aide des centaines d’entreprises à croitre et accomplir leurs objectifs d’influence. Grâce à sa connaissance et son expérience des réseaux sociaux et de leurs mécanismes, nous proposons des conseils et un service efficaces. Venez découvrir ses options !

Rate comparison

Jarvee may seem like a good option due to its ability to manage multiple social media accounts. However, the high risk of being suspended makes up for the price difference. Instafrenchie offers you a safer alternative to grow your presence on Instagram organically and faster.





Still hesitant?

The price difference between these two solutions is justified by the risks involved for your Instagram profile. Instafrenchie guarantees the security of your account.

What is Jarvee?

Jarvee was considered Instagram’s most popular automation software, offering the ability to manage a large number of accounts in an automated manner. However, things changed when Instagram updated its algorithm and restricted all bots, making Jarvee inefficient and risky.

Instafrenchie or Jarvee?

Instafrenchie offers a more personal approach to growing your account, without the risk of being banned, unlike Jarvee. You don’t need to download any software, just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

How it works

At first, using Jarvee may seem more complex than managing a social media account manually. However, once you configure and customize the required settings, your account will run on its own, resulting in an increase in fake followers, as well as a large number of “likes” and irrelevant comments.

Risks involved

The use of Jarvee is not guaranteed and carries a high risk of being banned. Instafrenchie, on the other hand, guarantees a secure service so that your account will grow safely and efficiently.


Starting at 99€ per month

Try Instafrenchie

Instafrenchie is working

Instafrenchie saves you time and money, day and night. Here’s how it works:


Sign up and add your account to the platform. Give us your audience and we’ll take care of the rest.


We analyze your competitors and your targets, to better parameterize the automation


We take the cockpit, and your subscribers increase.


We analyze the data, and improve the automation!

Tried and tested

With over 1200 automated and satisfied accounts, Instafrenchie guarantees a proven service. Here’s what our clients say:

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Mathieu and his team gave me valuable advice to get my first followers off the ground. We reviewed the strategy of my account, and this allowed me to acquire a first solid pool of followers. Today automation makes less sense, as I have more than 200K followers, but from 0 to 10k I highly recommend. 

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Before discovering Instafrenchie, I didn’t know about automation. But after trying their tool, I am convinced of its benefits. Our customer segment is large and rather localized, I know how important it is to maintain a strong online presence to attract customers. Instafrenchie’s automation tool has greatly simplified the management of my Instagram account.
We communicate with the teams on what’s app, which is also pretty helpful, for the speed of exchange.

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I’ve been using Instafrenchie’s services for my tattoo parlor for two months now and I’m really impressed with the results.
+ 438 first months, and 4-5 bookings. Mostly thanks to Instagram. I post three days a week.
I’m happy with the pace, and recommend. I also tell my clients about it!

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