5 tips to upload and view Instagram Stories without being seen

Want to know tips on how to see Instagram Stories without being seen?

Whether it is to see the Stories of an ex, a person with whom we have lost all contact or to spy on the competition, most of us, have already wished to be able to know more about the activities of each other on Instagram without being caught in the act… So, how to do?

Because clicking on Stories is simple but knowing how to do it without being seen and getting into the famous « Insta-stalking » is a whole different matter…

Here are our methods and tips to succeed in seeing Instagram Stories without being spotted!

Reminder: What is an Instagram Story?

First and foremost, Instagram Stories, inspired by the social network Snapchat’s Stories, are 15-second videos that are present for 24 hours on a person’s account. After this time has passed, the Stories fades away and/or can be made into a « Featured Story»by the account user.

Featured Stories are used to feed the account and to keep some Stories useful for a professional account.

Example: Story on the front page of the products put on sale by the brand, of the various updated promo codes…

As soon as an Instagram user views the Story of another account, his name appears in the views. The person who published the Story can thus see who has or has not viewed his publication.

So how to thwart this system and watch in peace the publications in Story of our ex ? former friend ? competitor ?

Stories à la une - Instagram - astuces - voir
Stories - voir - astuces - Instagram

5 tips to see Instagram Stories without being seen

Tip #1: See Instagram Stories without being seen, from your computer

Be aware that these tricks will only work if the account you want to spy on has not previously blocked you and for some, whether the account in question is a business or public account.

How to watch Stories anonymously from your computer?

If you don’t want to be spotted by the person, this technique is by far the easiest and most effective.

You just have to go on storiesig.net, enter the name of the account you want to see the Stories and press enter.

You will then be able to see the name of the person, his profile picture and all the Stories that he has posted in the last 24 hours.

By clicking on their profile picture, you can view all of their stories without worrying about being spotted.

If your « spying »is even more advanced, you should know that you can also record or download the different Stories that you view.

This trick is by far the most practical and less traceable since you don’t have to download an application, nor enter your Instagram identifiers. So even if that person has blocked you, you’ll be able to see all of their Stories and download them!

storiesig.net - voir - stories - Instagram - astuces

Tip #2: Use your phone's airplane mode to view Instagram Stories without being seen

This trick is as simple as it can be dangerous… but used properly, it will allow you to see the Stories of the accounts you want without appearing on Instagram’s radar.

All you have to do is open the Instagram mobile app and log into your account.

Load the different stories including those of the person you want to see, activate your airplane mode (Android as well as IOS have this feature), you can watch the loaded stories, without being seen by Instagram since in offline mode.

Be careful! Once viewed, exit and close the application.

Leaving it open could make you appear alongside people who have viewed the stories in question… It would be a shame to get caught!

chargement stories - Instagram - mode avion - astuces
Mode hors ligne - Mode avion - Astuce - voir - Story Instagram

Tip #3: See Instagram Stories without being seen from our phone

Story Saver - astuce - voir stories - Instagram

Although the first trick on computer is THE answer to our problem, there is also a trick to see Instagram Stories on your smartphone without being seen.

To do this, you’ll need to download the « Story Reporter » app on the App Store or « Story Saver » on Google Play Store.

Unlike storiesig.net, this time you will need to log in to your Instagram account.

Once logged in, you’ll just have to insert the ID of the person whose Stories you want to see.

You will then have access to the number of stories visible by the public as well as the data of his last publication.

On « Story Saver », you will even have the possibility to save, download or share the story in question.

Unfortunately, this technique cannot work if the person has blocked you… Which brings us to our fourth tip!

Tip #4: Create another account to see Instagram Stories without being spotted

This technique is one of the most basic and probably one of the most used to spy on ex-boyfriends, ex-friends etc.

With this one, you won’t need to download any application or open any websites on your computer. All you need to do is create a new Instagram account unrelated to yours to ensure that the person does not notice that it is a fake account attached to yours.

In case the account is private, you will only have to make a subscription request to the person with your other account. Thus, you will have access to his stories and other publications without being seen!

Tip #5: See Instagram Stories without being seen with the browser extension

Finally, if you want to have a last trick to see Instagram Stories without being seen thanks to your computer, it’s here!

Indeed, in addition to going to the page storiesig.net, you can also go to IG stories for Instagram, which is one of the extensions of the Google Chrome browser. This extension allows you to see the Instagram Stories of the people you want without being seen.

All you have to do is install this extension. Once downloaded, you will be able to access the stories of your choice, and this from your DESKTOP.

extension google chrome - astuces - voir - Stories Instagram


If your phone is an IPhone IOS 13, you can also use this little (but very useful) bonus tip!

Just look for the application that is normally set as default on your phone « Shortcut » or « Raccourcis ».

If you don’t have it installed yet, just go to your App store and download it for free.

Once Shortcut is installed on your phone,  cliquez sur ce lien and open it via Safari to access the link that will allow you to download Instagram stories.

Once on this link, you will just have to insert the ID of the person you want to « stalk ».

You will also be able to share or save the stories on your phone.

Who can use these tips?

Of course, these tips are not only useful for people who want to stalk their ex or former friends.

Different brands, marketing companies or agencies may want to use these tips for influencer approaches and partnerships. Looking at their Stories could allow them to learn more about their interests and thus make offers that might appeal to them.

Similarly, influencers thinking they are victims of fraud / content copying might need this type of tip to observe other influencers’ content.

Finally, watching or even downloading Instagram Stories anonymously can be useful for everyone.

Hopefully these tips will serve you well one day!

Feel free to check out our other blog posts or contact us. Instafrenchie offers you an automation of your Instagram account to increase your visibility and the number of your sales!

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