Containment & Creativity: 7 at-home photo ideas for Instagram

If you clicked on this link, it’s because you’re wondering: In these confined times, how can we boost our creativity and create content from home for Instagram?

Right now, much of the world is confined. Businesses are closed, many people work from home, and we don’t leave our homes very often.

A lot of things seem to be changing and it’s overall a very uncertain time.

Whether you’re looking for something new to do at home or are craving a new creative outlet, we have some suggestions.

Social media is becoming an even more important tool right now, as people use it to stay in touch with loved ones when they can’t physically see each other.

Use this time to focus on your social media strategy and experiment with new types of photos for your posts.

We found seven types of photos you can take without leaving your home.

Yes, with a few props you probably have around your home, you can take creative photos even during a lockdown.

Let’s take a closer look at what they are and how you can take similar photos at home.

1. Perfect puddles

This requires a little luck: it must have rained recently in your area.

But as long as there’s water on the ground, you can easily take puddle photos to mix up your Instagram content.

Technically, yes, you’ll need to be outside your house to do this, but hopefully you won’t have to go beyond your front yard!

Puddle photography is a fun way to create artistic shots.

Instagram - Confinement - Créativité - maison - idées - flaques d'eau

How to get the picture:

Find a good, big puddle outside and look over it.

You can choose whether you want to focus on the puddle or include your feet as well.

If you don’t want your phone or camera to be seen in the final photo, be sure to hold it directly in front of your face or body so that it is caught in the dark reflection.

It’s also a good idea to make your photo black and white if you want to hide your camera.

Type in the pose you like and take the picture!

If possible, choose an area with trees or anything else that could also reflect in the puddle to make the photo even more interesting.

2. Nice bokeh

Bokeh is an interesting word to describe the blurred parts of an image.

The easiest way to see this phenomenon is with light, although any object can be blurred, especially if you take a photo with subjects at different depths.

These photos are visually stunning and can spark intrigue and discussion among your followers.

Instagram - Confinement - Créativité - maison - idées - Bokeh

How to get the picture:

First, you can simply start playing with this in your home.

Experiment with lights in different rooms and add other objects (or pets!) as subjects.

You can also try the depth perception type of Bokeh photography, staging multiple objects at different distances from your camera.

Focus on one object at a time and take a picture of each.

Compare them and see what the blurry parts look like.

If you want to create photos like these, you’ll need a set of string lights.

Whether it’s colorful Christmas lights or a single-colored strand, you can now set the lights wherever you want for your photo.

You can cleverly place them behind your pet, family member or product to draw attention to your subject.

Or, like the second example above, you can create an artistic image by incorporating the blurry lights in the foreground.

3. Magic of macros

Macro photography is extremely close-up photography.

The subjects can range from animals to plants to humans and more.

However, the most common macro photos have very small subjects.

Because the photos are taken so close, in the photo the subject appears much larger than it does in real life.

Instagram - Confinement - Créativité - maison - idées - Macro

How to get the picture:

If you have a DSLR camera and you have a macro lens that gives 1:1 magnification, this is the time to use it, and it will produce the best results.

However, if you don’t have this type of equipment, you can always try your hand at macro photography.

Pay attention to your depth of field and try different settings on your camera.

This is a great opportunity to spend time during lockdown with your camera’s manual setup and see what you can learn.

4. Phenomenal patterns

Fun patterns make for incredibly interesting shots.

If you have origami or scrapbooking paper with detailed patterns, you can easily create a fun background or design a pretty picture.

Or, you can create your own pattern with blank paper and markers for extra fun.

If you want to take it a step further, you can match a background pattern with a clothing pattern and take interesting photos that way too.

Instagram - Confinement - Créativité - maison - idées - Motifs

How to get the photo:

For this style, it’s all in the setup process.

Spend some time thinking about what your final photo might look like.

Draw different patterns and see how they look with your subject.

Having opposing patterns can be visually interesting.

Depending on exactly what you are photographing, you also don’t want the pattern to overwhelm your subject.

5. The light rays surprise

If you have a particularly sunny day, taking photos of the light rays can be a lot of fun.

Try pulling your blinds in different ways or take an extra challenge and create a pattern for the light to shine on your subject.

Take a piece of poster board and cut out a pattern so you can control where the light goes.

Instagram - Confinement - Créativité - maison - idées - rayons - lumière

How to get the picture:

Light ray photography requires you to pay attention to what is going on in your home.

Are there particular rooms where you get harsh shadows at a certain time of day?

If so, take your photos in those areas at that time.

Since you will be home for containment, you can observe how the sun moves throughout the day so you know the best time to photograph.

Then decide what you want to capture.

Are you looking to take a dramatic photo for the sake of it?

Or do you want the light rays to land and draw attention to a product, person or pet?

Keep these things in mind when taking your photo.

6. The spelled road

Alphabet photography is another interesting way to capture your creativity.

Have you ever seen those scavenger hunts where people have to find letters made of everyday objects?

This is your chance to play the game.

You might have a set of pre-existing letters in your home that spell out an inspirational word or phrase.

Or maybe you need to go around and find objects that look like letters.

Instagram - Confinement - Créativité - maison - idées - lettres

Comment obtenir la photo:

Again, the beauty of this type of photography is in the preparation.

You can either find the word you want to spell first, or you can start looking for letters and see what you find.

Either way, try to be as creative as possible and find letters in different places.

Then, you can either place the objects next to each other and take a picture, or take a picture of each letter as you find it, then edit the pictures together.

Either way, it can be very interesting visually.

7. Snap the shadow

Shadow photography is almost like a mix between puddles and light rays, but you don’t technically have to go outside during containment to capture them.

Again, you can play with the amount of light causing the shadow with curtains or a homemade light shield.

These photos, however, do not rely on nature.

You can create shadows with any light – not just the sun.

Instagram - Confinement - Créativité - maison - idées - ombre

How to get the picture:

For this type of photo, it’s easier to have someone take the picture, especially if you want a direct look like the example.

If you are looking for a tilted shot or even one that captures the subject as well as their shadow, then it helps to have another person (or a good tripod and a self-timer).

If you’re using sunlight to take these photos, you’ll need to move a little quickly so that the sun stays relatively still.

Plan your photos, then take them in a few minutes.

If you take a lot of time in between to look at the photos and make changes, the sun may move and you will need to set up your photo differently.

Taking GI photos during containment

So there you have it: seven creative ways to take Instagram photos at home during a lockdown.

Not only can it help you create visually interesting content for your followers, but you can also explore your creativity and see what new types of photos you can take.

Which style will you try first?

If you want more ideas, you can watch these kinds of videos, click here



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