The 5 tips to succeed on Instagram in 2021

Have you noticed the rise of Instagram and would like to use it, but don’t know the tips to succeed on this social network in 2021? We come to your rescue with our top 5 tips that will help you increase your visibility on Instagram.

Instagram... this fast-growing social network that never ceases to amaze us

Logos Instagram - évolution - 2010 - 2021

Instagram or THE social network of recent years. Launched in 2010, the application quickly became known to young people.

Initially, positioned as the new competitor of Facebook and new social network for young people, the application was quickly bought by the same social network, and since then, it has not stopped innovating!

Much more than a simple social network for young people, it quickly attracted companies wishing to get closer to or to be known by their potential / current customers and created new jobs such as « influencer» . Thus, features such as « Instagram Business» or « Instagram Creator» profiles were created and gave a whole new dimension to the application.

Today, Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users and more than 500,000 daily active users… So how to optimize the use of Instagram in 2021?

5 tips for success on Instagram in 2021

As seen previously, Instagram is the leading social network since its creation in 2010. It attracts both individuals and professionals and does not hesitate to think more and more its application for brands and companies wishing to increase their visibility.

Here are our 5 tips to succeed on Instagram in 2021! For more information on this social network or on automation, click here


Compte professionnel - astuces - réussir - Instagram - 2021

First of all, make sure that your account is in « professional account» or « creator account» .

If you have not yet set up your profile as a business account, here are the steps to follow to do so:

  • Go to your profile
  • Go to the hamburger icon (located on the top right)
  • Press « Settings», then « Account».
  • Click on « Switch to a business account»
  • Finally, click on « Business»and follow the various instructions.

Much more than a simple label, switching to a « business account» allows you to have access to many features: Instagram Ads, Instagram Shopping, contact information on your profile…

For more information on the steps to follow to optimize your Instagram account, feel free to read our different blog posts!


How can you talk about optimizing your Instagram account without talking about graphic guidelines and homogenizing your posts?


According to the Internet, a graphic charter is « a document establishing the rules for using the elements of the visual identity of a brand or company.»

In other words, it is what will allow you to make the identity of your brand, these are distinctive elements that will allow you to stand out and be recognized by your customers.

Thus, on Instagram, a social network based on visuals, you must make sure you have a graphic charter in line with your values and what you want to emit. There must be an atmosphere specific to your company that must be felt when one goes on your profile, website …

Having a good graphic charter is already ensuring that our followers share the same values as us.

charte graphique - instagram - astuces - réussir - 2021


The caption accompanies your posts and allows you to further explain a photo, to share personal information or to ask questions in order to exchange with your audience.

It is therefore not to be neglected! Think about it carefully!


Optimisation de l'heure des publication Instagram - statistiques - 2021

Finally, for a post to work, you need to find the right time!

To do this, go to your statistics by clicking on the hamburger icon at the top right of your profile.

You will just have to see the statistics of your audience’s connection times to choose the best day and time for maximum visibility and impact.

3. Engage your audience

The value of engaging your audience

The purpose of an Instagram account and more globally of social networks is to share content while interacting with your followers. Many accounts have thousands of followers but have little interaction with their audience, which is translated into a low engagement rate.

Identify your target audience, Set a plan of action to approach them, Find out what they are interested in seeing, Share with them to find out what they want.

Instagram, used well, can have more power than an after sales service!

How do I go about it?

Stories - FAQ - astuces - réussir - Instagram - 2021

To get their attention, try to post regularly. Do Q&A (Questions / Answers), get interested in them! We don’t like one-way relationships, why would we want one on the networks?

In addition to the above tips, you can regularly organize contests in which you make them win your brand’s product / service! Who wouldn’t participate in a free contest? This will allow you to increase your engagement rate and get feedback on what you are selling.

4. Use the video

Did you know? Videos receive 38% more engagement than other types of posts! Among the video formats offered by Instagram, we can mention IGTV, Stories or Reels.


IGTV or the substitute for YouTube videos? We are not here to compete between the different networks of the moment, but what is sure is that Instagram has made a strong move with this format allowing to post videos of up to 1 hour.

Most companies use them after a live event or an interview that might interest their audience. No need to be an expert in video editing! Videos are always more interesting than a photo post, even if they are often less worked

IGTV - format vidéo - Instagram - astuces - réussir - 2021
stories - instagram - astuces - 2021


Launched in 2016, Instagram stories are now used more than posts. They allow you to share in a more spontaneous way than posts or videos (IGTV, Reels) and create a sense of closeness between your audience and yourself.

Tell anecdotes, show your offices, make FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions),etc.


Finally, REALs! This is THE new feature of Instagram. Inspired by the TikTok application, this video format is a huge success!

The principle is to make a quick edit of videos for a maximum duration of 15 seconds.

Again, you don’t need to be a professional in editing, but you will need some practice for the transitions… but don’t panic, you will quickly see a margin of progress!

For inspiration, feel free to take a look at the REAL tab.

reel - astuces - instagram - réussir - 2021

5. Shopping on Instagram

Facebook shops - Instagram Shopping - Outil
Instagram Shopping - fonctionnalité - Instagram

Finally, to ensure that you increase your sales and visibility, use the « Instagram Shopping » feature, which allows you to make your Instagram a new website.

With this feature, you can sell your products directly via Instagram or simply identify on your posts your products via your product catalog and refer customers to your website.

For more information, here is a blog post dedicated to the multiple facets of this feature, click here

You are now ready to use Instagram!

For more information on what is automation and the different offers that Instafrenchie proposes, click here

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